Balance body, mind, and spirit
and flow with the rhythm of the universe

Balance body, mind, and spirit and flow with

the rhythm of the universe

“We are open energy systems that are alive, vital, and constantly shifting to reflect our ever evolving story. When our human aura is in balance on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, we are flowing with the rhythmic cycles of the universe and consciously riding the pendulum-like movement of its ebbs and flows with poise and grace.”

– Naomi Aoyagi


Hello and welcome to Soul2Soul Healer.

This site promotes transformational healing, evolutionary growth, and spiritual development through these offerings:

Energy Healing:Soul2 Soul Healer - Energy Healing Energy Healing facilitates the healing process by clearing blocks from the human aura and repairing and rebalancing this living field of consciousness so the body can flow at its full potential. It is powerful therapy that connects with the body’s innate ability to heal from within.

Intuitive Reading:Intuitive Readings An intuitive reading offers you a unique, soul-to-soul perspective of your spiritual journey. It is a powerful catalyst for self-awareness and evolutionary growth as it reveals issues that are awaiting your insight, perception, ownership and/or clearing. Through the process of self-awareness and self-understanding comes self-healing.



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